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Riots spark fire in peoples eyes that they have forgotten for too long. Revolutionize the way thinking is done. Change how you see the world. Evolve into something better. Everyone needs a kiss of anarchy sometimes.

I think it’s important, the way people see me

I want to be seen

I want to be remembered as someone more than simply an insignificant collection of paperwork left behind in my rippled wake

I do not want to be engraved in stone or gold or silver, I want to be engrained as a presence in everyday life, think of my doctrine the way I lived because I believed in myself, and so should you

The pursuit of happiness is fair, but to be content with the peace and happiness in the very world around you is a challenge to be upheld on an iron pedestal 

Find your own existence, find your own life, find a heartbeat in the center of a city, feel the very life around you because do you realize the pure scale of neurons around you, the massive amount of stardust coalescing into beauty in so many forms 

when you open your eyes and feel the throng of pure universal passion throbbing beneath your very feet you will feel the legend of you.